Basics:  I'm fun, warm-hearted, & a hopeless procrastinator.  I have two beautiful children, an extremely loving husband who is my biggest supporter, & a shih tzu/maltese dog that thinks he rules our home! 

Simple pleasures:  sweet tea, swimming, painting, reading, anything DIY, Crunch n' Munch, & decorating 

Addictions:  internet, facebook, nook, photography forums, & old cameras 

Business details:  I'm a Canon girl!!!  Nothing could make me jump ship (unless, of course, you feel inclined to buy me a Nikon LOL).  I have 2 backup cameras, lenses, lenses, lenses, use Alien Bee lighting, have a 1000 square foot studio but prefer the great outdoors, rent a huge storage unit that's crammed full of props (I'm a bit of a junky!), use photoshop + plug ins for editing (not that you probably know what some of this is but hey, it was worth mentioning in case you do), enjoy a challenge, and love designing sets.

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