Saturday, August 4, 2012

We're getting there ....

The studio is coming right along.  I wish I could just snap my fingers & it all be done just like that ...but then again I am really enjoying spending so much time in ensuring that every little detail is just right.  My best friend & go-to person helped me in finalizing some details this week.  Is it sad to say that there aren't many decisions that I make in my business without consulting her????  lol  It's not that I second guess myself, it's more that I like having a sounding board that is so honest, insightful, & willing to offer suggestions. 

I have learned a valuable lesson with this remodel ...always ALWAYS be careful when painting!!!!  Your back, arms, & husband will thank you later.  I started out being careful but at some point painting got to be more of a chore than fun & I started slacking off.  Needless to say, myself & my husband spent several hours scrubbing away & trying not to inhale the fumes from the Goof Off & paint thinner trying to remove all the paint splatters. 

Here are a couple sneak peeks (pardon the horrible cell phone quality) ....

(left) Part of the waiting area.  Although the studio itself is painted, I still have some spray painting to do.  There are quite a few accent items needing painted or repurposed to blend in with the new color scheme.  I am absolutely in love with this black velvet loveseat though.  I cannot wait to hang the special order black & white canvas above that area!!!  That is a surprise to be revealed at the grand reopening event though.

(right) Part of the viewing area.  Far left is the viewing TV cabinet (waiting to be repainted).  I need to find a tray & nice small throw to top off the leather ottoman.  You would not believe how hard it was to paint the trim around that mirror!!  If I remember correctly there are 7 coats of primer and 8-9 coats of paint.  Can you believe that?  The wood kept absorbing all the paint making it hard to get the bright white color.  It took a lot of patience but it finally matches the rest of the studio.  Do you remember the inspiration image I posted a while back?  Well, the mirror will actually be covered (but not permanently because I want to be able to use it as a prop from time to time) by a wall of curtains.  Again, another secret to reveal at the grand reopening. 

I am almost betting that my husband is more excited for the grand reopening than I am ...only because that will mean his honey-do list will come to an end.  lol  Here he thought he was almost finished with his list when I decided to redo the bathroom.  My thought process ...I want to hang a chandalier & the current fixtures just don't meet the look I'm going for.  I decided to rip out the old sink & cabinet (they are super small) & replace with a pedestal sink.  In doing that I realized I have to replace the toilet because cream won't match the new white sink! 

Now to find just the right fireplace to replace the ugly wall mount that is currently in there now. Guess that will also be a honey-do item.  Ha!

Without further ado, the grand reopening has been scheduled for Saturday, September 1st.  I am working on the advertisement now & will post in the next few days once a few more details are tidied up. 

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