Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting started

I finally forced myself to get started on the studio.  My husband and I put in quite a few hours taking everything off the walls, storing furniture and props in the basement, and filling nail/screw holes (since just about everything will be moved to different places once the remodel is done).  Yesterday, I spent the entire day taping up the entire studio to get it ready for painting.  Boy was that fun can't hear it but there is true sarcasm in those words.  There are two big 8'x8' backdrops that my husband and I made for the studio that are made out of metal and reclaimed barn wood.  We had to take them apart in order to get them out the door and the barn wood one was super heavy (even when taken apart).  I even started removing wallpaper in the bathroom and found that the linoleum was sitting on top of existing linoleum so I removed it.  I think I am going to sand the existing flooring, paint, stencil a design, and seal.  At least it will look much better than the cover up job that had been done.  lol  I also removed the black curtains from the front of the studio ...I couldn't believe how much light came into the studio.  I am so glad we are painting it white now.  The light is really going to make a difference in the atmosphere and the furniture is going to pop.  Out with the dingy, in with the crisp clear light! 

I've also been scouring craigslist for new furniture for the studio.  I want to replace some of what I already have with some new updated and matching pieces that will double as seating & props.  In doing so, I found this awesome column shelving unit.  I know it doesn't look like much right now but just wait.  I plan on painting the columns white and replacing the glass shelves with wooden ones (I think that would be much more kid friendly).  This is going to be used as my product display.  I cannot wait.  I think it will look really nice once it is all put together with the new shelves (there will be 4 not 3).  The best part about it is that it was only $40!!!!  How can you say no to that? 

I cannot wait to return from our vacation and jump right into decorating.  I have so many ideas in mind and will finally be able to use them.  Not to mention, I have a lot of spray painting and painting of props still to do when I return to match the new brand colors and decor.  At least the new viewing TV came in already and will keep me entertained I must fight the urge to plug it in while I should be putting the studio back together.  LOL 

I will post pics when we return from our vacation. Until then, have a wonderful weekend!