Friday, May 18, 2012


I have been so swamped with work that I really haven't had time to work on the studio.  I've also been spending more time promoting the glamour/boudoir side of my business that I have neglected a lot of things.  I am working on making a come back, for lack of a better expression.  lol  I have so many ideas for the studio.  Here is a sample idea for a portion of the waiting area: 

Isn't that gorgeous???  Of course the studio colors are black, white, & purple but I love the way this is put together.  The concept is just stunning!  I'm thinking viewing area.  I recently bought a gorgeous crushed black velvet loveseat so a lot of the waiting area is being designed around that piece of furniture!  I have a couple DIY projects to do as well. 

The studio will be getting a nice fresh coat of paint in a couple weeks too.  I cannot wait.  The current walls are a muddy tan color that is just awful.  I tried to make it work but it just doesn't fit me or my style and every time I walk through the door it kind of depresses me.  So if it does that to me, I wonder how it makes my clients feel. 

On another note, I have updated the site with my 'about me' section and a 'gallery' section.  I am still working on creating more blog boards for the gallery.  Now all of my fans and potential clients have something to view and my site doesn't look so 'naked.'  Yay!!  I am still working on my new pricing and information sheets so be looking for those in the upcoming weeks as well as a product page with a sampling of items you can purchase at your next viewing session.